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Recent Uplift Grants

The Community LIFT Uplift Grants Initiative accepts requests for $500 or less to help support community action through small-scale projects in the LIFT communities of Binghampton, Frayser and Upper South Memphis. Community LIFT accepts grant applications twice a year from community-based organizations with annual budgets of $30,000 or less, individuals with community based projects. LIFT actively supports projects that stimulate creative thinking and empowers stakeholders in revitalizing their communities.

To date, LIFT has given $8,000 to grassroots organizations and individuals in Binghampton, Frayser and Upper South Memphis!



Given Garden
Based on results from community meetings, residents joined together to establish a community garden and community gathering space.

Give Youth A Chance
LIFT provided support to a summer camp for about 50 youth, pre-kindergarten to middle school.



Lifeline to Success
Implemented the Fight Blight program to manicure and maintain neighborhood sidewalks.  

Fresh Start Life, Inc.
Developed a mentoring program and  book club for middle and high school juvenile offenders.

Baby Feat
Helped expectant and new mothers gain resources and information that will allow for a healthy pregnancy and decreased infant mortatlity by increase store visibility and outreach opportunities.


Upper South Memphis

Communities of Shalom
Catalyzed grassroots community development through an annual festival by showcasing different project successes at the festival.

Booker T. Washington High Field Trip
Organized a project to provide cosmetology students life and career skills through service.

Carver High School
Prepare students for success by helping fund Advanced Placement Testing, ACT testing, college Application fees and educational programs.